A Brief History

We enjoyed games that allowed you to build manage and expand your empire. For Buluk, we wanted a more direct impact on battle as well as experiencing the waged wars from the perspective of an individual warrior.

Buluk Features

  • Bash in your enemies’ skulls with Ancient Mayan Weaponry
  • Burn your enemies alive with fire magic or use their blood to heal yourself
  • Manage your empire through turn based interactions on a 3D Tabletop
  • Rise through the ranks of the Mayan Military with a customizable warrior
  • Raid villages and lay waste to enemy cities


Great sword Combat YouTube


Logos & Icons

Download: Mayan Warfare Logos

Youtube Channel
Here you can watch gameplay footage as well as Dev videos youtube.com/channel/UCXwGnpAfS6kMvfWDUam5DUw.

Demo Sign Up
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