Buluk Mayan Warfare

Embark on a thrilling Hack n Slash journey through the Aztec and Mayan World as you wield the power of sword and magic against your enemies. With 4 unique weapon styles to master and an array of spells to research, you'll have a range of combat options at your disposal.

Who is the Nacom

Unleash your power as the Nacom, an elite Mayan warrior skilled in both magic and weaponry. Take down Conquistadors, Mayans, and Aztecs alike with devastating force.

Play Your Way

The Nacom wields a versatile arsenal of weapons to defeat foes, including the Macuahutil, Spear, Greatsword, and Knife. Wield devastating spells to rain destruction upon enemies, with mastery over the elements of Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, and many more.

Strengthen the Nacom

Immerse yourself in an epic Mayan adventure where you'll research powerful spells, craft your own unique weapons and armor, and conquer cities to gain valuable resources. Rise up the ranks of the Mayan military with your highly customizable warrior and lead your tribe to victory.

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